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It's time you calculated the real cost of admin in your business

With all the paperwork and scheduling that happens in construction, you're always going to have some admin work to deal with.

But manual processes are a huge drain on expenses and productivity, and can end up using over half of your employees' valuable work time.

The 3 big time drains admin puts on your business
Time drain #1
Paper documents and forms
1,100+ hours lost per year for every full-time employee
Time drain #2
Chasing up emails
​​​​​​​130+ hours lost per year for every full-time employee
Time drain #3​​​​​
Whiteboard scheduling
​​​​​​​78+ hours lost per year for every full-time employee
​​​​​​Boost performance with an integrated management system

Manual processes ultimately mean you're getting a lower ROI on your staff. When it comes down to it, there are far better things your business could be investing in other than excessive admin.

So if you’re serious about improving efficiency and streamlining your admin processes, then you simply have to make the shift to an integrated project management system.

What you can get with an integrated  system
Scheduling and planning that's accessible remotely by your entire field workforce.
Immediate, real-time notifications of all project changes.
Project information all in the one place, including employee qualifications and inductions.
​​​​​​​Easy assignment of people to projects, tools and equipment.
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Reduce inefficiencies in your business
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