Nina Montgomery
Platformers Consultant

Nina is a Platformers Strategist who is passionate about helping business owners look for gaps in places they wouldn't normally think of and then working together to come up with creative solutions.

Booking a consultation with Nina will allow you to blend your customer's needs and your companies business goals together to create a unique digital experience.

  • 3 + years experience with content marketing and strategy
  • 3 + years experience with Multi-Platform Storytelling and Design
  • 3 + years Ops Management Experience with specialities in strategy, planning and scheduling
Rates: $300 per hour minimum.

If requesting a consultation with Nina, please allow at least a 1 x 2 hour booking
"I look forward to working with you and learning about your company, your customers and the vision and dreams you want to achieve."
nina montgomery platformers team member strategist nina montgomery platformers team member strategist
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