Platformers and Upvise product and service PDF’s

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Platformers specialised expertise in using and developing Upvise Software makes us leaders in creating custom add-ons for specific industries. These add-ons allow you to maximise the potential of your Upvise Software, taking your business processes and workflow capabilities to new levels.

If you’re a current Upvise user looking to extend the capabilities or customise your existing products, you can download, read and share our collection of free PDF’s for more information about upgrading products, services or training .

You can also purchase add-ons easily online by selecting the download links.

Don’t currently have Upvise Software and looking for a standard DIY option? Click here to discover Upvise Australia.

Platformers Support and Maintenance Packages

Platformers Upvise products and services

For customers needing access to software support, this guide will help you choose the right level of support for your business.W

Upvise Developer Add-On: User Profile

Discover how our User Profile add-on can help you to restrict data access and visibility within your organisation.

Upvise Developer Add-On: Project Cost Control

Track costs across specific projects, and enjoy instant site activity reporting capabilities.

Upvise Developer Add-On: Plant Maintenance and Servicing

Receive notifications when servicing is due, complete maintenance reports directly into Upvise, and have access to service history.

Upvise Developer Add-On: Asset Management

This upgrade can help you store and track historical information, determine costs against assets, and transfer assets against sites. It also allows you to request repairs to be made for assets and to monitor the cost and margin generated by the asset use.

Upvise Developer Add-On: SWMS

Enjoy the ability to configure SWMS, ensuring a clear and compliant contractor safety and maintenance system.

Upvise Developer Add-On: Warehouse Stock Control

Enjoy the benefits of tracking all stock, equipment and vehicles and their servicing history in one place.

Upvise Developer Add-On: Forms Pack

Purchase 10 or 20 ready-made forms and input them into your database, ready to use.

If you need additional information about any of our add-on features, or require assistance choosing an upgrade package that’s right for you, get in touch with the Platformers Team.