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Marcus is CEO and Founder of Platformers.
An innovator and entrepreneur, our team would describe him as "strategic and visionary." Working with Marcus is a privilege because there are always opportunities to learn something new. Although currently investing time into building the Platformers business, when he does get free time, you can find him at home with Neisha and the girls being a devoted husband and father. Customers choosing to work with Marcus can expect: Business challenges overcome Improved Cost Control Reliability and exceptional service from our people and products at all time.


Nina is a Platformers consultant who specialises in strategic content.
The team describe her as an "out of the box" thinker who is good at defining problems which haven't been thought about or solved yet, as well as being a good team player with lots of empathy. You will always know where her desk is because of the donut sprinkles or havaianas on the floor. Customers choosing to work with Nina can expect: A focus on media not marketing A strategic approach to online representation A dedication to helping you uncover your customers journey.


Shane is a Platformers consultant who specialises in offline workflow and online implementation.
Our in-house resident comedian, he is super funny and has the team in stitches more often than not, and Platformers customers always get more than they bargained for when he is engaged on a project. A favourite of many of our customers due to his thorough training and implementation methods, when not on the job, you can find him at home devoting the same amount of passion into cooking his five hour spaghetti sauce. Customers choosing to work with Shane can expect: Streamlined comprehensive business processes Industry specific knowledge and training Aligned business operations with technology


Neisha is Platformers Chief Creative and is passionate about bringing customer dreams for design into reality.
Super humble and family orientated, she is wife to Marcus and mother to 4 little girls. She is equal half owner of Platformers, Upvise Australia and Kontrol4 business brands, and a talented artist and graphic designer in her own right with an at home art studio, and bespoke line of greeting cards which bear her name. When she is not in the office you can find her surrounded by one or all four of her little ladies or pottering away in her art studio, tuned into good time oldies, munching on some form of choc minty goodness. Customers choosing to work with Neisha can expect: Dedication to authentic brand representation Fresh and up-to-date design and ideas. Someone to listen, understand and translate your vision into a brand design reality.


Nyasha (Nash) is a Platformers consultant who specialises in Software Development.
He is passionate about flawless user experience and combines his knowledge of photography, media and design principles to produce exceptional results. When not building intuitive user interfaces for customers needs, you can catch him playing futsal for his local team the "Ballo Teletubbies." Customers choosing to work with Nyasha can expect: Simplified User Experience Transparency in all dealings Intuitive Interfaces


Diptya is Platformers Junior Developer and is passionate about good user interface and usability.
Currently working on modifying Upvise code to create new user interfaces for our customers, he is also proficient in Audio/Visual Set Up too. When not in the office writing code, you can find him hanging out and playing basketball with his friends. Customers choosing to work with Diptya can expect: Clean and concise code Efficiently implemented code Fast learning technology skills

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