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Customer support for platform users: We work with a wide range of service providers within the industry. We provide priority support to customers who have our services packages which can be found on the pricing page. These packages unluck the benefits of customer support that allow customers to contact us to solve urgent problems.

We assist with package integration and optimisation, as it is possible to separate implementations within the platform and implement individual changes to services.

Self Help

To help you get started and manage your own environment, Platformers and our Product Suppliers provide a range of self-help FAQ, Tutorials, Video guidance and online Help & Knowledge Base Articles.

There are available through our website for logged in users to access and implement themselves without direct engagement with our support teams

Quick Fix Support

Quick Fix is our ‘single ticket’ support service for those who need instant support for a single technical issue. 

Implementation Support

Growing and enhancing your system with custom build modifications is quite common with the highly diverse platforms that Platformers supplies. 

Sometimes you need consultants, trainers, or help from software developers to help enhance or rollout improved systems, new forms, or new integrations.

We generally begin a Consulting project by undertaking a Scoping Study to determine a Scope of Work. 

A reasonable outline of the project including
timing and cost can then be determined and agreed by you before work begins. You commence the Project by formally approving the Proposal.

Implementation support is charged by the hour under ‘time and material’ contracts or at fixed prices under Fixed Price contracts.



  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) :
    First response in 1 hour and resolution in 1 business day
  • Dedicated Development Support
  • Database Backups
  • Reporting
  • Dedicated Support Consultant



  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) :
    First response in 1 hour and resolution in 1 business day
  • Dedicated Development Support
  • Database Backups
  • Reporting



How does it Work?

1. Click ‘Get Started’ below and complete checkout.

2. Start chatting to our support team immediately.

3. We’ll get to work helping fix your issue.

What's included

Guaranteed resolution (or suitable workaround) to your problem – or your money back (with exception of account recovery tasks).

What platform's do you help with?

Best of breed platforms for the construction industry including, Microsoft, Google, Sans Paper, Kontrol4 Upvise, Xero, WordPress, Meta and more!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Platformers have a full range of software platform support services available
when and if you need help including:
● Learning articles
● FAQs
● Easy to use self-managed portal
● Regular news broadcasts for platform updates
● Technical support teams
● Development support team
● Consulting Team
● Business support and annual account planning
● Upvise database backup and disaster recovery

Like most software managed service providers and software vendors, the price
varies according to whether its self-help support or involves human interaction.
Platformer’s software platform support services range from free Learning
articles, online chat, FAQs through to monthly inclusion in our Gold & Silver
Plans and packs of Support Tickets or Consulting time for specific projects
when you need it.
Our platforms are moderately complex as are most core business applications
around the world today. Platformers have a mix of clients that either find they
have their own technical experience to set up, configure and fix usual
operations or make use of our setup, configuration, personalisation, and
consulting services.
Regardless of your own organisation’s technical skills we have support options
for you.

Technical Product Support describes when the software you have subscribed to
stops working as it is specified to do. An easy example is that after changing a
configuration setting one of the standard form supplied suddenly stops
updating the model database.

Implementation Support describes when your own customised solution stops
working. For example, following a change of a custom database your custom
designed forms stop updating. It usually means something is either
misconfigured or has broken in the proprietary implementation.

The key differences between the three (3) categories are:

● Priority tickets included
● Additional Ticket Prices
● Preferential Consulting rates
● Account Planning
● Dedicated plans and database backups

Clients on 12-month long Gold, Silver and Bronze Packages get Priority in
the support order.
Our teams kick in to resolve technical issues faster for Gold & Silver as well as
escalate them to other vendors on your behalf when needed.
In addition, Gold Clients get up to 4 Support Tickets each month (Silver gets up
to 2 tickets). Plus, all 12-month Package clients get a discount in terms of
Support Ticket prices and selected platform subscriptions. Your longer-term
commitment is rewarded with savings from us.
Gold and Silver clients also gain free support tickets in their packages through
referrals. If we grow, you benefit from our expanded experiences as well as a
reward for new clients that sign with Platformers that have been put in contact
with by you.
Clients on the no-commit plans still get support under either pre-purchase packs of tickets or pay-as-you-go at retail support pricing levels.

When the commercial software doesn’t operate as specified then the creator of
the software (with our help) fixes it at no cost.
Software created by Platformers is fixed by our development team and software
created by our other Vendors are fixed by them. We coordinate priority
communication with all Suppliers on your behalf if you wish.