How Platformers Drives Digital Transformation

June 20, 2023
How Platformers Drives Digital Transformation

Imagine trying to navigate a city without a map, or even worse, using an outdated one. You’d probably end up lost, confused, and extremely frustrated. Now, imagine that city is today’s digital landscape and your business is the explorer. Without the right guide, charting a course in this ever-evolving digital environment can feel just as overwhelming. That’s where we come in – Platformers isn’t just a company, it’s your GPS for the digital world. Our mission? Driving your business forward through digital transformation, helping you turn every twist and turn of technological change into a strategic advantage. Buckle up, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Understanding Digital Transformation

First, we’ll need to demystify the concept of digital transformation. It’s more than just incorporating technology into business operations – it’s about changing how businesses operate and deliver value to customers, keeping technology, data, and the evolving digital landscape at the heart of it all.

Platformers’ Approach to Digital Transformation

At Platformers, we approach digital transformation holistically. We’ll discuss our unique approach that goes beyond technology to focus on people and processes, ensuring businesses not only implement new technologies but fully leverage them for maximum benefit.

Our Tools: Upvise and More

Our partnership with Upvise is at the core of our digital transformation efforts. Here we can discuss how we use Upvise and other tools to help businesses streamline their operations, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity.

The Future of Digital Transformation

We’ll conclude by looking to the future. How will digital transformation continue to evolve? And how is Platformers positioned to help businesses keep up with these changes?

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    Upvise Training and Support Australia

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    Platformers CEO Marcus van Enk has assembled a team with knowledge to help users get the maximum return on their software investment.

    Who is Marcus van Enk?

    Marcus is the CEO of Kontrol4, Upvise Australia and Platformers.

    He is responsible for integrating the Upvise Software into Australia more than 16 years ago with previous company Vertical Matters and developed the Upvise enhanced code base known as Kontrol4.

    In 2019 he took 100% ownership of Kontrol4 and in doing so acknowledged there was a gap with Upvise Training and "add ons" for industry specific knowledge.

    Platformers has been set up to combat this as an educational branch to support Upvise Australia and Kontrol4 .

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