Platformers, we truly work remotely

April 27, 2022

We all read about the growth of remote work.  The rise of people working from anywhere.  But is it true?

Many employers are using the term ‘remote work’ but are really saying ‘work from home sometimes, maybe’.  Or ‘You can work remotely as long as its in my country or time zone’.

At Platformers we are very different.

Platformers, we truly work remotely.

Our headquarters and CEO might be in Melbourne, Australia but our team of 10 are spread around the world from Portugal to Philippines.  A whopping 80% of our team [MP1] is not in Australia actually.

We work with clients globally too, from Luxembourg to the US.

But what do we do that’s so different?  (Apart from our global mindset that is)

Well, we help other remote companies leverage modern technology to make their business better.

And especially those companies with lots of workers that operate out in the ‘field’ well away from offices.

Platformers Help Construction Business Connected

Platfomers is a full service construction software managed services provider, with the main goal to help construction business connect their teams via digitization. Adapting network effect business model of various software platforms, driven by the power of accessible data, is the key to take companies to other the next level, ours included

Platformers work to improve business owners and workers connections to make their people more efficient. We drink our own champagne by connecting people from all over the world in one company, platforms, is what drives our work. 

Our entire team works remotely in countries from all around the world like Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, France and Portugal. We believe that freedom improves our efficiency. It also attracts more talented, diverse and interesting people to our growing company.

Remote work is increasing at a fast pace and so is looking for talent around the globe that diversifies the company in the way of doing things. Our company’s culture is important to our team work and all the brainstorming that comes with it is a major asset to our progress.

With remote work, it is possible to help a company solve the biggest challenge that companies are facing nowadays: employing anyone anywhere. 

A global team that works remotely around the world is capable to adapt and to understand the customer needs. Having the opportunity to learn and grow by working from home is, without a doubt, an incredible aspect.

Our team is here to help any new team member that arrives from anyplace around the globe and to show you the privilege of working in Platformers.

The advantages of working remotely are many:

• The hiring process is faster

• Remote workers are happier

• Remote workers reduce the expenses of the companies maintenance

• There are no geographical restrictions

•  A better prioritization of what’s important and what’s urgent. 

For us it is also important to ensure a diverse number of opportunities are available to our team and to make sure that they have a healthy work-life balance.

If you are searching for a new job in a remote field this is for you. 

Connect with us and discover the best of what work remote can offer you.

The Platform Economy, we’re Platformers and the Construction Industry belong together.

The team here at Platformers is dedicated to driving continued improvements in businesses with remote field-based teams, using the world’s best remote team mobile and cloud platforms. Contact us today.

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    Platformers CEO Marcus van Enk has assembled a team with knowledge to help users get the maximum return on their software investment.

    Who is Marcus van Enk?

    Marcus is the CEO of Kontrol4, Upvise Australia and Platformers.

    He is responsible for integrating the Upvise Software into Australia more than 16 years ago with previous company Vertical Matters and developed the Upvise enhanced code base known as Kontrol4.

    In 2019 he took 100% ownership of Kontrol4 and in doing so acknowledged there was a gap with Upvise Training and "add ons" for industry specific knowledge.

    Platformers has been set up to combat this as an educational branch to support Upvise Australia and Kontrol4 .

    Knowing our staff work with the same software as your staff, means you're in safe hands.

    We can help you with

    World class construction technology to suit your needs

    Training from local people with specialised industry knowledge

    Complete digital agency services to take your construction business to new heights.