The Project Cost Analysis Tool for Upvise Australia has been created for customers needing to track actual costs vs forecast costs.

Although not industry specific as such, the upgrade was designed specifically for users in civil construction who need to manage projected and actual costs.

How does it work?

The Project Cost Analysis Tool is a piece of software code entered into the customer’s database by a Platformers consultant.

It harnesses business intelligence by synchronising data from daily diary forms, allowing users to see where costs are going and to avoid wastage of resources.

Why purchase The Project Cost Analysis Tool ?

Purchasing the Project Cost Analysis Tool enables users to get accurate, real-time data and instant reporting of site activity.

No time is wasted with data collection or spreadsheets, the Add On reports directly from the software instead.

What problems in business will The Project Cost Analysis Tool solve?

Allows users to know where costs are coming from

Allows users to know where costs are going to

Enables users to make estimates for projects and then receive real-time reports on whether more or less is being used compared to original projections.

What outcome can a business expect using The Project Cost Analysis Tool

This product is designed specifically for tracking costs in large projects, with real world testing from the ground up.

What makes this product unique compared to the standard Upvise software?

The Project Cost Analysis Tool is specialised code not available in standard Upvise Software.

The code works to synchronise data from daily diary forms and then shows results in a custom project dashboard.

Can you sum up The Project Cost Analysis Tool in a simple and easy to understand way?

The Project Cost Analysis Tool is designed specifically for project cost analysis.

It enables users to have financial transparency on incoming and outgoing costs so they can make accurate forecasts with jobs and projects.

*NOTE* This product could also work well with equipment and jobs cost control modules, however we have not seen implementation into a customers database like this yet.

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