Upvise Developer Add On: Plant Maintenance and Servicing Notification

March 28, 2019

The Plant Maintenance and Servicing Notification Add On allows you to track the servicing of plant, equipment and vehicles and receive automatic notifications when servicing is due.

How does it work?

The Plant Maintenance and Servicing Add On is a piece of custom software code entered into the customers Upvise database by a Platformers Consultant, which triggers notifications to either plant manager and mechanic or BOTH plant manager and mechanic, allowing automatic notifications when servicing on equipment is due.

This then allows the mechanic to complete the maintenance due on equipment and record it in a servicing form in Upvise.

The mechanic can also enter the last hours (or kms) of previous service manually into a form which then populates the plant equipment hours, km’s and serviced items.

Why purchase the Plant Maintenance and Service Add On?

The product allows employees to update usage of equipment in forms and then the software will automatically notify managers when servicing of the is due.

What problems in business will the Plant Maintenance and Service Add On solve?

The Plant Maintenance and Service Add On has been specifically designed to remove manual labour involved with following up and checking individual items due for service.

It allows the personnel to be notified when servicing is due so they can proactively take the necessary action to organize servicing. Without this product, the customer will have to check which plant or equipment requires servicing manually.  

What outcome can a business expect using the Plant Maintenance and Servicing Add On?

Users will have the ability to receive alerts when equipment is due for service or to assign those alerts to another person of their choice.

It also gives mechanics the ability to indicate that servicing has been completed successfully.

What makes this product unique compared to the standard Upvise Software?

In standard Upvise software, there are no automatic notifications for when machinery is due for servicing even though data is input to the system daily.

This upgrade is custom software code inserted into a customers database which allows the automatic notification to occur.

Can you summarise the Plant Maintenance and Servicing Add On in a simple and easy to understand way?

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