Upvise Software Developer Add On: User Profile

February 28, 2019

The Upvise Software Developer Add On: User Profile- is specialised software code suited to current Upvise customers.

Although it is an “Add On” it can also be referred to as an “upgrade” as well.

Rather than being industry specific this upgrade is for all business owners who need to control and/or restrict, the amount of data shown to people within the organisation.

How does it work?

The user profile upgrade is a piece of software code entered into the customer’s database by a Platformers consultant, which gives the customer new user levels.

These include:


Standard User Plus


Manager User Plus

View Only Standard

View Only Manager

In purchasing the User Profile Add On, customers receive new software code integrated into their account, along with access to training videos to learn how to use the new Upvise function.

Why purchase The User Profile Add On?

Purchasing The User Profile Upgrade adds an extra layer of security into your Upvise software and prevents unauthorized access to confidential company information.

What problems in a business will The User Profile Add On solve?

The customer will receive assurance their data is free from unauthorized access, by having the ability to assign 2 new levels of access. 

Purchasing this Add On will allow certain users to be able to access classified and confidential information while others will be “locked out” depending on which level has been assigned to them.

It will allow external parties to access information in Upvise with read-only access, as well as providing two new access levels; “Manager Plus” and “Standard User Plus”.

What outcome can a business expect using The User Profile Developer Add On?

The customer will receive assurance their data is shared only with people who have the correct level of access.

What makes this product unique compared to the standard Upvise software?

The User Profile Add On is specialised Upvise JS software code which adds additional levels of privacy into the system that were previously  not  available.

Can you sum up the User Profile Upise Add On in a simple and easy to understand way?

The User Profile Add On ensures staff and contractors don’t have access to confidential records to make administrative changes.

Instead it “locks down access” meaning different staff see different data depending on the level they have been assigned.

It works well with jobs, but can work well with other modules based on your requirements too.

If you would like to purchase the Upvise Software Developer Add On: USER PROFILE you can find it in the shop by clicking here.

If you currently do not have Upvise and would like a free 30 day trial from Upvise Australia, you can download the software here

If you have Upvise software but need to add on a support package or are looking for other Upvise developer Add On’s, you can check out a list available here.

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